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The purpose of this site is to preserve the history of Magic: The Gathering for posterity.
If a status is marked as "Protected" then we believe that content would result in a copyright claim and it will not be uploaded.
This site is under construction! There are dozens of topics to add, thousands of documents left to scan, and hundreds of thousands of files that need to be curated and formatted for uploading. If you have a file or document that appears to be missing, please contact the admin.


Periodical Collections

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
Beckett MTGIncompleteOfficial0.
CataloguesIncompleteOfficial6WotC product catalogues.
Codex of Shadow SorceriesIncompleteUnofficial0.
ConjureTo be scannedOfficial0.
From The Mana BornIncompleteUnofficial3A UK fanzine.
Game GizaIncompleteOfficial0.
GG-LIncompleteOfficial7Garfield Games Mailing List.
Hasbro Financial ReportsOngoingOfficial70Annual and quarterly.
Judges QuarterlyIncomplete?Official6Quarterly mailing sent to judges.
KartefaktIncompleteUnofficial0German language MTG magazine.
Knowledge ArcanaCompleteOfficial0Online magazine.
Lotus NoirIncompleteUnofficial0French language MTG magazine.
MastyrIncompleteUnofficial0Tournament-focused Scrye spin-off.
Mana BurnIncompleteUnofficial0Tournament-focused Scrye spin-off.
OracoloMissingUnofficial0Italian language MTG magazine.
MPressIncompleteOfficial11Japanese periodical.
MTG-LComplete?Official712Magic the Gathering Mailing List.
Players GuidesIncompleteOfficial0.
Retailer DirectIncompleteOfficial7Retailer periodical mailing.
Salvat / HachetteIncompleteOfficial0.
Sell SheetsIncompleteOfficial53Sent to retailers to advertise and sell products.
Sideboard EuropeanIncompleteOfficial0.
Sideboard JapanIncompleteOfficial0.
Star Witches of ZadoMissingOfficial0Internal newsletter from the mid 90s.
Tales From the PitOngoingOfficial0Ongoing meme comic from Mark Rosewater.
The Apothecary / Whispers From the Wizards TowerCompleteOfficial10WotC public company newsletter.
The Card Street JournalCompleteUnofficial1.
The DuelistIncompleteOfficial0WotC periodical magazine.
The Duelist CompanionIncompleteOfficial18Periodical sent to persons with a subscription to The Duelist Magazine.
The Duelist OnlineIncompleteOfficial0Online version of The Duelist.

Topical Collections

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
AdvertisementsIncompleteOfficial0MTG print and web advertisements.
FAQsIncompleteOfficial0Frequently asked questions documents.
Legal/LawsuitsOngoingOfficial0MTG-related legal documents.
Marvin/ITISIncompleteMixed0Documents from WotC repository.
PatentsComplete?Official0WotC patents.
Press ReleasesIncompleteOfficial301WotC public announcements.
RulingsIncompleteOfficial0Card Rulings.

Article Collections

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
Newspaper ArticlesIncompleteUnofficial0.
SnarkCompleteOfficial0Articles by Dave Howell.
The DojoIncompleteUnofficial0Articles from The Dojo website.


Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
Art BooksIncompleteOfficial0.
Book Sample ChaptersIncompleteOfficial0Sample chapters given out to preview books.
Harper Prism NovelsCompleteOfficial0.
Planeswalker NovelsCompleteOfficial0.
Set NovelsIncompleteOfficial0.
Strategy GuidesIncompleteOfficial0.

Comics / Manga

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
4-Panel MangaOngoingOfficial269Japanese ongoing comic.
Anoa DesignComplete?Official0.
Dark HorseIncompleteOfficial0.
Coro CoroIncompleteUnofficial0.
Hobby JapanIncompleteUnofficial0.
Magic Gakuen SeitokaiCompleteOfficial0.
PAX Coloring BookCompleteOfficial0.
Web ComicsCompleteOfficial0Digital-only comics.
Wizards of the CoastIncompleteUnofficial0.

Media Archives

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
CommercialsOngoing?Official26Television commercials.
Daily MTGComplete?Official0Podcast.
Drive to WorkOngoingOfficial0MaRo talking during his commute.
Fireside ChatOngoingOfficial0Peter Adkison interviewing WotC employees.
Play Magic ShortsCompleteOfficial5Web shorts advertising
Set TrailersOngoingOfficial37Set trailer videos.
VHSComplete?Official0MTG VHS tapes.

Disc and Software Archives

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
7th Edition Boxed SetCompleteOfficial0The disc that came with 7th Edition boxed sets.
8th Edition Boxed SetCompleteOfficial0The disc that came with 8th Edition boxed sets.
9th Edition Boxed SetCompleteOfficial0The disc that came with 9th Edition boxed sets.
ArmageddonCompleteOfficial0The MTG arcade game.
BattleGroundsCompleteOfficial0An MTG game for Windows and XBox.
BattlemageCompleteOfficial0An MTG game for Windows and Playstation.
DCI ReporterCompleteOfficial0The software used to run tournaments.
Deck DaemonCompleteUnofficial0Unofficial retail DOS software for collection tracking.
Duels of the PlanswalkersIncompleteOfficial0A modern game.
Here I Rule Press KitCompleteOfficial0A disc sent out for the "Here I Rule" promotion.
Magic 10th Anniversary Press KitCompleteOfficial0A disc sent out for the 10th anniversary of Magic.
Magic Desktop ThemesCompleteOfficial0A retail package with MTG Windows desktop themes.
Magic OnlineIncompleteOfficial0Magic Online game client.
Magic Online Press KitCompleteOfficial0A disc sent out to promote Magic Online.
Magic the Gathering EncyclopediaCompleteOfficial0A retail Magic database.
Microprose Magic the GatheringCompleteOfficial0A game for Windows which had three expansions.
Microprose MTG PreviewCompleteOfficial0A preview of Shandalar.
Microprose ThemesCompleteOfficial0Windows themes for Shandalar.
Planeshift ScreensaverCompleteOfficial0A Windows screensaver released to promote Planeshift.
Ravnica ScreensaverCompleteOfficial0A Windows screensaver released to promote Ravnica: City of Guilds.
SalvatCompleteOfficial0The disc that came with Salvat issue 1.
Starter 2000CompleteOfficial0The disc that came with the Starter 2000 box set.

Tables and Galleries

Title Status Official Num. Entries Description
Altered Art GalleryIncompleteOfficial0Art that was modified from the original to the card.
Card NamesIncompleteOfficial0A list of all printed cards in all languages.
Factory Misprint GalleryIncompleteOfficial0.
Standard Misprint GalleryIncompleteOfficial0Cards where much or all of the print run has the same error.
WOC CodesIncompleteOfficial0Early product codes for all WotC products.


Title Description
Magic LibraritiesMagic set information and the best MTG Oddity reference on the net.
Misprinted MTGThe best beginners resource for misprints on the net.